Commercial Law

Our attorneys file trademarks, form entities, draft partnership agreements, deal with employment issues and answer the myriad of other questions our business clients may have. Our clients range from the startup entrepreneur to the mature multi-million dollar company.

The best way to secure the rights to your name and logo is with a federally registered trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Your trademark is the foundation of your business and how customers will know and identify your services and products. Read more

A letter of intent (LOI) is a formalized (and typically non-binding) offer used by a potential buyer of a business or a potential commercial real estate tenant to lay out the business points of a potential deal between two parties. These are really agreements to agree, and either party can usually... Read more

Most small business owners are optimists or they would never have the courage and fortitude to build a business in the first place. Once they embark on that journey, they typically forge ahead through adversity, setbacks, ambiguity and stress. The last thing they want to think about is what latent... Read more

The first step in most entrepreneurial endeavors is forming a new entity to protect the personal interests of the owners. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding to form a new entity, such as: Read more

You have invested time into training your employees, but how can you project yourself from these employees using that information to compete against you in the future? If you own a business, you need a non-compete agreement to protect your business from employees using or sharing you confidential... Read more

We believe that all business owners and professionals should regularly review their estate plan.  The tax laws change and circumstances change.  Businesses grow, children get married and relationships evolve over time.  Thinking about why you need an estate plan, or worse, talking about it, is so Read more


Spadea Lignana’s tax attorneys are experienced in advising and representing clients concerning all types of federal, state/local and foreign taxes.  The firm provides general tax planning advice, tax consulting on issues related to business activities and transactions (including executive compens Read more

Fiduciary Litigation arises in the context of a dispute among beneficiaries and a fiduciary – a trustee, executor or agent – over the acts and decisions of the fiduciary. Read more

Bankruptcy and insolvency issues -- whether they arise in connection with the initial documentation of a loan, the purchase or sale of assets, as a component of business or corporate restructuring or as a Read more

The attorneys in Spadea Lignana’s Real Estate Group have extensive experience in, and regularly represent clients regarding, virtually every aspect of real estate and real estate development. Read more

Are you in the process of building an investor group to apply for a Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis dispensary or grower/processor license? Are you trying to raise capital to apply for a Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis dispensary or grower/processor license? Are you already fully funded and simply need... Read more