This Segment First Appeared on Paul Segreto’s Podcast in April 2019.

Tom was excited to be a featured guest on the Franchising & You podcast with Paul Segreto! This was his third time appearing on the podcast. Click here to check out his last episode.

You can listen to Tom’s interview below. In this episode, Tom and Paul discuss legal entity options for franchise businesses. Some points they touch on are:

  • Strategies for choosing your best option for entity formation.
  • How future events like sale of the business, death of a partner, or bankruptcy should impact your decisions regarding entity formation.
  • Choosing the right entity formation based on your plan for area and multi-unit development.

This Franchising & You podcast is a great resource for you if you’re someone who:

  • Is looking for information about owning your own business.
  • Wants to explore the option of becoming a franchisee.
  • Wants to learn more about the franchise industry.
  • Owns a business that you’d like to franchise.