Franchising is a get-rich-slow, exponential growth strategy. It takes some time to take root and the first few years require patience and investment. You are setting your business up for explosive future growth by planting the seeds of success for the next generation of outlets. If you study exponential growth in business, science, and nature, there are a myriad of examples of explosive exponential growth curves. Franchise success stories follow those curves.

Life Cycle of a Franchise
  1. Launching

    Following the analogy of an orchard, the first steps are to till the soil and plant the seeds. Good (and bad) decisions made today will not prove themselves out for years. The exciting journey begins.

  2. Early Years

    Plant As the brand emerges, or the trees begin to take root, the returns will be small in comparison to the effort and the investment. The fruit may not yet be abundant, but the growth curve will have started.

  3. Adolescence

    The point will eventually be reached when the outputs will exceed the inputs. At this point the caretaker of the system should continuously monitor, improve and enhance the environment for success.

  4. Maturity

    If the groundwork in the early years has been done well, a tipping point will eventually be hit. Every profitable franchisee should spawn another two to three, who in turn should spawn two or three more.

  5. The Exit

    As the growth curve continues north, the present value of the future harvests on an exponential curve could be an extraordinary number. That is the goal we will have worked all these years to achieve.

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