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Franchising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and a variety of individual states. If you are interested in expanding your franchise nationwide, it is imperative to make sure you have registered your franchise properly in the states that require it.

2017 State Franchise Registrations

Understanding the Registration Process

The registration process for franchisors can be an arduous and intimidating one for a franchisor regardless of how many years they have been in existence. Many states have a regulatory oversight agency that reviews every franchise disclosure document (FDD) of any business trying to offer a franchise for sale within its state. Several of these registration states have different requirements to register the franchise properly with a variety of required disclosures. Moreover, many of these states require an annual registration to ensure the franchise is still in compliance with their requirements.

Each one of these oversight agencies carefully reviews a FDD to make sure it is amenable with state regulations.  It is typical for the state to comment on an FDD and require a franchisor to clarify certain provisions of their FDD. Furthermore, the franchisor is then asked to resubmit their documentation with their comments integrated.  The entire process can be a grueling one and, if it is not handled correctly, can take months to finally gain approval.

Let Spadea Lignana help you manage your state registrations through our custom designed cloud-based software.  The system streamlines the franchise sales and state registration compliance for franchisors that are looking to grow nationally.  Franchisors can send a link through email that takes candidates to a custom map with a simple red/green interface allowing the candidates to download the correct FDD approved in specific states. This map also gives franchisors a quick up-to-date view of where they are registered and where they can not sell franchises. Learn more about this compliance system for franchisors.

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We are big fans of Spadea Lignana. Our reasons are real simple and can be said in a handful of words. Responsive, respectful, and fair. As a franchisor our needs are simple but there is a lot riding on the writing, knowledge and accountability in every word that goes into our franchise documents, we believe Spadea Lignana brings all of the components we are looking for in a franchise attorney.

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We have helped dozens of franchisors with state registrations and look forward to learning more about your brand and whether or not our law firm would be a good match for your needs.

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