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There’s a reason Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home” when it came to Kansas. The Sunflower State, so-named because Native Americans used Sunflowers as a primary diet staple more than 3,000 years ago, is actually much more than the gateway to Oz.

For potential franchisors, you can be excited to know that Kansas is a non-registration state. As long as you are compliant with FDD rules and regulations, you could be calling Kansas home right along with Dorothy and Todo. Watch out for those tornados, though!

Did You Know?

The windiest city in the United States is located in Dodge City, Kansas. This city averages 14 MPH wind speeds every day.


Kansas produces over 300 million bushels of wheat every year. Some even call this state the "Breadbasket of the World."

Nomads Unveiled

Nearly 90% of land in the state is devoted to farming, with the average farm size being around 770 acres.

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Flat Fee Program for Franchisors

Spadea Lignana’s CORE program for franchisors is a cost-effective and practical solution for the ongoing legal needs of franchisors, including but not limited to, FDD updates, state registrations and franchise agreement executions. Through a proprietary cloud-based system we can effectively and efficiently manage FDD Disclosures and Franchise Agreement executions for fair flat fees billed monthly. We believe that hourly billing, although necessary in certain circumstances like complex M&A deals and litigation, can weigh on the relationship between client and attorney.  By coming up with a fair flat monthly fee, the uncomfortable negotiating of whether or not a 6 minute increment in your bill for replying to an email was legitimate goes away.

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Franchise laws vary from state to state, and it can be difficult to understand the requirements. Spadea Lignana has streamlined the process to ensure you remain compliant as you grow nationally.

We also work with franchisors nearby in Nebraska, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

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