Renovation Sells is on a Mission to Bring Presale Renovations to Communities Everywhere

Renovation Sells Team Michael Valente, co-founder and CEO of Renovation Sells, is on a roll with a franchise concept that provides real estate professionals and their clients presale renovation services to accelerate and increase offers brought to the table. The franchise has sold over 34 franchisees and 68+ territories in the past year! For any brand, that is impressive growth.

“Realtors find true value in what we do,” Valente said. Likely, because it works. Renovation Sells does what it claims to do, providing sellers with a better return on their investment, which translates to a better closing for the realtor. Add consistently gorgeous before and after photos, paired with 5-star reviews, and you can see why the Renovation Sells franchise is selling as hot as their latest reno project.

Valente believes there is a cultural attraction to renovations. “People see renovations on TV,” he said. “It’s something they enjoy and get excited about and can see themselves doing.”  That alone is enough for like-minded entrepreneurs, or construction professionals to inquire about owning a franchise. From there, the vision falls into place.

“It’s a brand that franchisees can get behind and be proud to do,” Valente said. “It’s important that people really like what they do.”

No one understands that better than Valente. His career began in construction. He also has his real estate license, has done thousands of home renovation projects, and then began working on projects for realtors in the Chicago area.

“From a young age, I always wanted to be my own boss. Renovation Sells just kind of grew organically as the next step,” he said. “Franchising came about because what we do isn’t unique to Chicago. It just made sense to help us reach our expansion goals. Today, we have realtors all over the country who validate the services we provide.”

Validation is an important part of the due diligence process that prospective franchisees go through before signing a franchise agreement.

Valente is enjoying his role as franchisor. As someone who is an entrepreneur at his core, it’s a natural fit to help others build their own businesses within the Renovation Sells brand.

The team at Renovation Sells is seeking financially qualified, driven franchisee candidates nationwide, but professional drive is only part of what they’re looking for. “Potential franchisees need to be community-centric,” Valente said. “We are looking for people who embody trust and integrity, who are passionate about real estate and construction, and we can teach them the rest.”

When it comes to working with the team at Spadea Lignana Franchise Attorneys, Valente says they have been with them since the beginning. “They are the best. They offer high-quality service, fast response time, and great support.”

If you are interested in learning more about Renovations Sells, reach out to their team today.

The Spadea Lignana team is thrilled to congratulate Renovation Sells on their incredible growth over the last year. Cheers, to many more!

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