Dart Wars is About to Bring the Battle to North Carolina, in the Best Possible Way

“The great thing about NERF is it’s not a fad,” says Dylan Newman, Founder of Dart Wars in Colorado Springs. Dart Wars is an indoor NERF battle arena recreation franchise that has taken NERF play to a whole other level.

The NERF ball was invented in 1969 and marketed as the world’s first official indoor ball with messaging that claimed, “Throw it indoors; you can’t damage lamps or break windows. You can’t hurt babies or old people.” That straightforward messaging worked because by 1970, not even a year later, millions of NERF balls had been sold.

Fast forward to 1992. NERF is now owned by HASBRO and introduces the first NERF darts and sharpshooter blaster. If you know, or have known any kid since 1992, you have likely seen or purchased some sort of NERF blaster.

Dart Wars is a safe introduction to arena play, a gateway to the airsoft and paintball craze sweeping up the interest of adolescents and adults in the U.S. It’s the ideal preliminary indoor battleground activity positioned well within the $45 billion indoor entertainment center market.

The beauty in what Newman has done is to recognize that his target market for indoor NERF warfare, isn’t just kids and their parents. In addition to seeing “some moms seriously throw down against their kids,” he also caters to corporate team-building events. It’s a sport and an activity that appeals to all ages.

Thankfully, Newman has chosen to share his concept with the rest of the country via a strategically designed, streamlined franchise program developed over the past year, while simultaneously building a third corporate location.

Today, the team at Spadea Lignana is excited to congratulate Newman on the first U.S. franchise for Dart Wars, located in North Carolina. Like Newman, his first franchise owner is a military veteran and also a Naval Academy graduate. Newman understands the special value someone from the military can bring to a franchise system.

“We’re cut from the same cloth,” Newman said, “and he is assuming more risk with a new franchisor. He is a great fit, and will offer candid feedback about the system, which will be extremely helpful.”

The perspective of risk is different in the franchising industry compared to other industries where business transactions take place. Franchising is a highly regulated industry with legislation and compliance requirements put into place to protect both the franchisor and the franchisee. The laws are definitive and vary by state. This was news to Newman. “Becoming a franchisor is way more complex than I thought,” he said. “I thought it was something I could do by myself, which I do not recommend attempting.”

The Dart Wars franchise program is available to prospective franchisees across the U.S., in any of the states where registration has been finalized. Newman is offering a 50% discount off the initial franchise fee as an incentive to veterans and first responders but is open to welcoming any other financially qualified business builders who are enthusiastic about the brand.

“I know that Spadea Lignana is there to help me and keep me out of trouble,” says Newman. “They’ve been awesome, responsive, and get stuff done.”

The team at Spadea Lignana is thrilled to celebrate alongside Dylan and his team and looks forward to many more Franchise Agreements to come.

For complete information about the Dart Wars Franchise Program, visit: http://www.dartwars.com/

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