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DADiRRi is a company known for taking care of their customers, their team, the planet, and now, their franchisees. The first DADiRRi franchise location has been awarded in Nevada, and DADiRRi co-founder and CEO, Ashley Schriener couldn’t be more pleased.

“We danced with these franchisees for over a year,” she said. “Nevada has a close-knit cannabis culture, and it was important that our franchisees were very well connected in the state. That coupled with DADiRRi’s cannabis knowledge and top-notch products, bring a synergetic partnership to a great new territory.”

The DADiRRi team is family owned and has taken a hands-on approach to supporting the new franchise owners in Nevada. “That’s going to be how it is with all our franchisees, not just the first one,” Schriener said. “It’s just who we are.”

Cannabis is a highly regulated industry with legislation that varies by state. The pros at DADiRRi know exactly what is happening, when and where. Especially coming from a state like Colorado who is really paving the way in this industry. “We’re only seeking new franchise locations in states that cannabis is medically and/or recreationally legal at this time,” Schriener said. “But we are at the forefront of knowing which states are going in that direction.”

Franchising with DADiRRi is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who want to get into the cannabis space but do not want to start at ground zero. Unlike with retail, DADiRRi’s manufacturing model is great because in most instances, you can supply an entire state with products with just one facility.

“Being in cannabis is definitely a learning curve,” Schriener said. “You have to cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s, but we really believe in our culture, our brand, and the vibe of our company. With the franchising model, we can make sure that our Dadirrian lifestyle and the quality of our products are kept in place.”

When asked about working with our team at Spadea Lignana, Schriener said it’s been a positive experience. “Andy and his team have been amazing, made the process so easy, dialing in step by step, giving advice, very specific to what we wanted, held our hands, spoke to us in layman’s terms, and all at a very reasonable cost, just great.”

With Spadea Lignana, DADiRRi has access to their Client Access Portal (CAP), a cloud-based automated platform that helps manage franchise agreements, franchise disclosure documents (FDDs) and state-specific restrictions, as well as personalized links to share, where potential clients can go to their state and download their FDD or request an agreement, all in one convenient and easy place. The system “allows” franchisors to easily know where they can sell and where they can’t, utilizing a brand specific map of the US. The cornerstone of the program is an ‘ounce of prevention’ mentality to prevent small problems from becoming big (and expensive) problems.

The team at DADiRRi is currently accepting franchise inquiries from any market across the U.S., no matter the cannabis law. “Laws are changing fairly quickly, so it’s just a matter of time. We can make anything happen,” Schriener said.

We at Spadea Lignana Franchise Attorneys are thrilled for the DADiRRi team, and congratulate them, as well as their new franchisees, at the new Nevada location.

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