SnapHouss: Canadian Franchising PowerHouss Brings the Beauty of Real Estate Photography Enhancement to the States

The average person can identify an image in a matter of 13 milliseconds.  Images connect with consumers on an emotional level, in an instant. Perhaps that’s why images play such a vital role in real estate marketing. Isn’t buying a home or a space for business an emotional decision?

Indeed, it is. This isn’t news to Kris King, founder, and CEO of SnapHouss, and Spadea Lignana Franchise Attorneys client. SnapHouss is Canada’s premiere resource for real estate photography enhancement, which combines excellent photography with dynamic graphic design, to create exquisite imagery that helps agents transition their listings.

“Seeing the content you and your team made go up on the MLS, and changing from a “For Sale” to “Sold” sign within 24 hours, is a feeling that is hard to describe,” says King. Maybe that’s because he and his team put as much emotion behind the camera, as viewers do upon seeing it.

“The beauty of merging real estate with photography, meant that we could enter an industry that didn’t feel like it was a job,” King said. “We really enjoyed what we did on a daily basis and felt like we made an impact on the real estate market. Most of our clients, who were real estate agents, were selling their homes faster, and for over-asking price with the content that SnapHouss produced.”

With a strategically developed franchise model in place, King says SnapHouss has experienced rapid growth over the last 12 months. “Utilizing our expertise in marketing and implementing optimized systems that were designed for scaling the organization globally, we quickly managed to build a following and served over 1000 clients within a 6-month period. We had franchise partners in every major province across [Canada] in a matter of 12 months after franchising.”

Today, the team at Spadea Lignana is excited to congratulate King and his team on the first U.S. franchise for SnapHouss, located in Houston, Texas. New franchise owners Ebony Royal and Vernard Lewis are team leaders at Braden Real Estate Group, the largest black-owned and operated real estate brokerage in Houston. According to King, “With the success of Braden Real Estate group and the level of energy and experience that Ebony and Vernard possess, they pair perfectly to create a recipe for success.” 

SnapHouss is eager to expand their brand across the U.S. via their streamlined franchise model. With current potential locations in Portland, Tampa Bay, Miami, and more, King has set a goal to have SnapHouss locations in every major U.S. city within the next year. The company is demonstrating its commitment to the U.S. market in more ways than one. “SnapHouss is moving its corporate territory to Orlando, Florida this year as the rental and resale markets heat up,” said King. “This means that not only is national expansion occurring from a franchising perspective, but corporate initiatives are also shifting towards dominating the U.S real estate market. Along with it, we are opening our U.S. Customer Support Centre where there will be full-time customer service specialists working around the clock acquiring new clients, providing phone support, and assisting with post content delivery activities.”

We are thrilled to celebrate alongside Kris and his organization! The entire Spadea Lignana team offers our sincerest congratulations on their newly awarded franchise in Houston! It’s exciting to see our clients grow their businesses and be recognized for a job well done.

“Spadea Lignana is by far one of the best legal firms in the country for Franchisors. The attention to detail, delegation of duties, optimization of the onboarding process, and availability when you need something is in my opinion like none other. I can literally go on for an hour about how great they are, but realistically, I wouldn’t go searching anywhere else.”

– Kris King

Thanks, Kris! The feeling is mutual. For complete information about the SnapHouss franchise program, visit: https://SnapHouss.com/franchise.

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