My Backyard Sports Is Now Open For Franchising

The growing demand for at-home sports setups has been met by a franchise model from the New Jersey-based athletic concept.

My Backyard Sports is quickly establishing itself as a leading franchise in sports architecture and sports landscaping. The brand, with the help and guidance from Spadea Lignana Franchise Attorneys, began franchising in 2020 and has quickly ranked 559th on the Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing privately-held American companies.

My Backyard Sports can provide home solutions for over 30 different sports with services ranging from product sales to on-site installations and repairs. “We’re really a full-service, all-in-one sports specialty design installation company,” said Scott Stricof, the brand’s vice president of franchise development.

“I ask people all the time where they can find a company that does what we do, and a lot of prospective clients, before they find or hear about My Backyard Sports, say they didn’t know who to contact for the services we provide. My Backyard Sports fills that need,” Stricof said. “Our goal is to be a household name and a go-to company across the country, and we believe that can be made possible through the franchising model we have developed.”

After establishing a business presence in the Northeast, My Backyard Sports has recently expanded its franchising presence in Texas and anticipates continued growth throughout the country. The brand’s franchisees in Austin and Round Rock have proven the business model to be successful across a wide range of markets, and the business model for My Backyard Sports is quickly proving to fit a wide range of consumer needs no matter the location.

“You have the same common denominators in all customers, and it has brought a great opportunity for prospective business owners to invest in a franchise in any part of the country,” Stricof said.

Employees of My Backyard Sports work either at home or at a jobsite completing an install. There isn’t a need for brick-and-mortar space with this low-overhead investment, and the standard business practice of a My Backyard Sports franchise puts employees in constant contact with enthusiastic clients that are excited to see their sports visions become a reality.

Stricof points out that because the brand can cater to a wide range of athletic needs, there really isn’t a need for the brand to determine a target market. “We cater to kids and youth sports but sometimes our clients are adults who want courts, or families that have already sent their kids to college,” he said. Between the huge market for youth sports revenue and the passion for athletics across all ages, My Backyard Sports has been able to establish itself with appeal to an abounding number of people.

My Backyard Sports has a goal to fill a void between both a homeowner and commercial entity, and its partnership with Spadea Lignana Franchise Attorneys has helped establish a recognizable name with abounding franchise potential. Spadea Lignana has facilitated several franchise agreements for My Backyard Sports, and Stricof points out the willingness of an executive team for both organizations.

“We know we are in great hands with them as we go through this journey of rolling out our franchise system,” Stricof said. “We spent years fine-tuning our processes and procedures to find out what would be successful, and a lot of it started with the level of service we’ve received from Spadea Lignana and the way they support us as an emerging brand.

As the brand targets prospective franchisees across the nation, its business model has been fine-tuned with expert analysis and curated to make a difference in all markets. “A lot of lessons in life are learned on the products and services we provide our customers,” Stricof said. The service is geared to make a lasting impact far beyond an athletic surface.

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