Jars, Sweets, and Things Signs Multi-Unit Franchise Deals in TX and CA

Simply Sweet

Chef Fabio Viviani is a household name in the culinary industry. You can follow his larger-than-life, exciting, and delicious career across the Food Network, Bravo’s Top Chef, countless morning and afternoon television appearances, or at one of his more than 20 restaurant concepts or franchises of every theme, style, and specialty. As accomplished as he is a chef, he is also an astute businessman, and all-around good human. It’s a combination of these traits that led him to his most recent franchise endeavor, Jars, Sweets and Things, a dessert franchise designed for anyone – culinary-inclined, or not.

“We wanted an opportunity that anyone could invest in,” Viviani said. “There’s no kitchen, it’s a low entry investment model, no culinary expertise is needed, and it’s easily replicable.”

And it’s delicious. Jars, Sweets and Things offers treats so pretty you hate to eat them, but you can’t help yourself because they’re too delectable not to. Picture an actual jar, rimmed in outrageous flavors and textures, layered with a miniature version of an entire dessert, and then overflowing just enough to make them beautiful. Jars come in flavors like Cherry Cream Pie where the jar is rimmed in cherry cotton candy, then filled with vanilla cream, buttery pie crust, and cherry filling. It’s quite possibly what dreams are made of.

This month we are celebrating with Chef Viviani and his team for the sale of their first Jars, Sweets and Things franchise multi-unit deals; there will be ten units in Texas, and five units in California. The franchise team has plans to expand in every major market across the U.S.

“We are looking for people who are passionate about the industry and love dessert,” said the Chef. “Jars are the new cupcake, everybody loves them. We make it very easy for franchisees. I and my team are hands-on, very involved with helping them become successful.”

We at Spadea Lignana Franchise Attorneys are thrilled for Chef Viviani and his team at Jars, Sweets and Things, and congratulate them, as well as their new franchisees. When asked about what it was like to work with the law firm, Chef Viviani said, “I’m a chef, not a lawyer. I need them to do what they do best, so I can do what I do best.” And it was a pleasure to do so, Chef!

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