Mint Condition Masters the Master Franchise Model

Mint Condition is the 94th fastest-growing franchise in America. That’s saying something when you consider the fact that franchised businesses make up 3% of the national GDP. On the surface, Mint Condition is an established, reputable commercial cleaning business known for its outstanding customized cleaning. A deeper look into the concept reveals their expertly crafted master franchising program, a model representative of much more than commercial cleaning.

Randy Abernathy is Mint Condition’s Director of Master Franchise Development. “This is not a cleaning business,” he said. “This is a franchise building and development business.”

Indeed, that is the general idea behind a master franchise program, versus a typical franchise program. Mint Condition, the franchisor, does not sell single franchise units. Their specialty lies in finding exceptional candidates who become master franchisees, owners of their own geographic area who then sell individual units to Mint Condition franchisees.

Jack Saumby founded Mint Condition in 1995 and serves as President. From the beginning, he knew if he could design an exceptional master franchise program, the brand could speak for itself to more people in more places and provide a desired way of life for both the master and unit franchise owners.

“Master Franchising isn’t new to the commercial cleaning industry,” Saumby said. “I was following the lead of those who came before me.” His first initial market test of the Mint Condition Master Franchise program took place nearly two decades ago in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a great success. “From there, I wanted to make sure the master franchise program could be well-managed, so we expanded it on a regional basis, along the east coast, in Raleigh, Atlanta, and Nashville. Once we were comfortable that we had something replicable, we expanded from there and it has been awesome ever since.”

You can find Mint Condition franchises throughout the Southeastern U.S., as well as Texas, Utah and Pennsylvania. There are currently ten Master Franchisees over twelve territories, and hundreds of units.

“The Master Franchise candidate is a sophisticated buyer who has had a successful career in the corporate world, and who is looking to leave the grind behind and do something different,” Abernathy said. “This is an ideal opportunity for a former executive, specifically women executives, and it’s also a legacy brand, outstanding for building generational wealth.”

Beyond professional skills, there is one trait Abernathy believes is essential for master franchise candidates to possess. It is as important, if not more so, than what their resume portrays.

“Empathy plays a huge role in what our master franchisees do,” Abernathy said. “People are coming to them with their life savings to become small business owners with the Mint Condition brand. That’s no small thing. You must be self-aware enough to notice it, to figure that out.  Master franchise candidates have to be able to do that, to take those people seriously and support them like they deserve. There is a real opportunity here to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Supporting teams is something Saumby knows a little something about. He enjoys working with his team at company headquarters, as well as with the team within their master franchise system. “I like my role of constantly improving and making our master franchise program better,” he said. “Things like marketing, back-office support, anything that involves the core of our master franchise program, to improve it for our owners.”

Abernathy is quick to point out Saumby’s modesty, explaining that this is a model built around support. “Jack has taken this franchise and designed it specifically in a way that makes sure the master franchisees are successful when their franchise owners are successful. Everybody wins.”

Master franchisees typically work in the business for the first three years. At that point, they can adjust their schedules to meet their needs. “Most start full-time in the business, Monday through Friday, a 40-hour workweek,” Abernathy said. “Then they can step back and build the business, or step back and slow down, and still have a business that is dynamic and growing and generating outstanding revenue.”

The industry is steadfast. Abernathy considers the franchise model the original subscription business, still standing after obstacles like the pandemic, Amazon, politics, the recession, and 9/11. “This is a 53-year-old model that survived it all,” he said. “Mint Condition is an essential business. As long as people have bathrooms and garbage cans, we have business.”

When it comes to working with the Spadea Lignana team, both Saumby and Abernathy are pleased with the working relationship. “I work directly with Cameron,” Saumby said. “who is extremely responsive to what we need, very easy to work with.”

Abernathy agrees. “The thing I’ve noticed about Tom and his group, is they are businesspeople first. They come to you with solutions. Tom’s group says, ‘This is how you do what you want to do.’”

The Spadea Lignana team agrees wholeheartedly and would like to congratulate Jack, Randy, and their teams on their current success, and they look forward to working with them through their future growth.

Mint Condition master franchise areas are available nationwide, with attractive locations open throughout Texas (apart from Houston), Philadelphia, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Denver, St. Louis, Florida and more.

If you are interested in learning more about the Mint Condition master franchise program, reach out to Randy Abernathy and his team today, so you can build wealth, be your own boss, and tell the corporate world so long.

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