Beef-a-Roo Brings Their Famously Delicious Brand to Wisconsin

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Beef-a-Roo, the beloved and nostalgic fast-casual brand born and nurtured out of Rockford, Illinois, has awarded their first multi-unit franchise to V8 Ventures. Look out, Wisconsin! You’re about to give your cheese-loving community something to write home about with the best from the wild west – including their legendary cheese fries smothered in liquid gold.

Chief of Development for the Beef-a-Roo brand, Megan Rosen, says V8 Ventures is a company with a culture that aligns with their own.

“They know our brand and share the same belief in their companies that we do,” she said. “They believe in promoting from within and boosting up people from within their own organization. We like that, and the fact that they were willing to take one of our own.”

One of the first new franchise owners in Wisconsin will be partially owned by a woman who has been employed by Beef-a-Roo for more than 30 years. “She’s been a manager with us for decades,” Rosen said. “Her name is Michelle, and we can think of no better, more qualified person to be the first ambassador of our brand within the new franchise system.”

Beef-a-Roo is on track to become a household name throughout the Midwest and Southeastern U.S. in coming years. They are currently seeking financially qualified prospective franchise owners who have an emotional attachment to their brand. That qualifies most of Rockford! Beef-a-Roo has been a staple there since 1967, and people simply love the food and the welcoming atmosphere. Strong business backgrounds are a plus, but the right owner-operator can be taught, thanks to the brand’s strong support network.

“We do a lot of hand holding,” Rosen said. “We want our franchisees to feel fully supported in every aspect of the business. When they do well, we all do well.” Franchise owners can expect initial and ongoing training throughout running the strategically designed Beef-a-Roo franchise system.

“I can’t believe how lucky I am to get up and do what I love every day,” says Rosen. “It’s an honor to be trusted to bring such a great brand to market.” Part of that process comes with the help of the team at Spadea Lignana Franchise Attorneys. Rosen, having worked with the Spadea Lignana team before, says their process is top-notch.

“They’re great, super responsive,” she said. “They’ve helped us launch two brands into the market. I feel like I can really trust them, and the proprietary software they provide their clients to use, we’ve found to be really beneficial.”

The Spadea Lignana team is excited to congratulate Megan and Beef-a-Roo on their recent multi-unit deal with V8 Ventures and looks forward to working with them more in the 2023.

Franchise opportunities are currently available in Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida, but the team there is happy to talk to anyone who just can’t imagine their community without the next Beef-a-Roo!

For complete information about the Beef-A-Roo Franchise Program, visit: https://beefaroo.com/franchise/.

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