A SnapHouss Franchise is Picture Perfect

Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you the right photos and videos of a property make or break a sale. That’s why agents across Canada and in the U.S. book through SnapHouss.

SnapHouss franchise partners offer real estate agents unlimited professional photos, 4K cinematic video tours, floor plans, and a 3D virtual tour of their property listings, all in a 1-hour appointment, easily managed via their mobile app or through their website. It’s never been easier to grow a SnapHouss business.

When we last caught up with SnapHouss Founder Kris King, was still behind the camera on the photoshoots SnapHouss is famous for. Today, he oversees an enormous franchise network who are following in his footsteps, building the picture-perfect business real estate agents are clamoring for.

“Our team has expanded beyond imagination” King said. “My role has changed to focus on franchise development and supporting our existing franchise partners to be as successful as possible. The growth of our franchise partners is the most rewarding part of what I do. Seeing them take a business from scratch, and grow it to a point where they become not only friends, but thriving business owners that are providing a sustainable life for themselves and their families is a remarkable feat that can only really be accomplished through teamwork.”

SnapHouss is three times the size as it was last year, with a dominant position in the marketplace, exceeding their Pro Forma projected revenue, and franchisee sales targets.

“Franchising has allowed SnapHouss to achieve its short-term and long-term goals,” King said. “It opens the door to expand operations quicker than any other model or strategy, especially when you have a team like Spadea Lignana behind you. When I need to ask a question, they are always there to help.”

King says there are few reasons for such exponential growth over the past two years. “First, having access to more capital allows for stronger brand presence in every market we serve clients in.” From a franchise development aspect, it also allows us to lower the cost per lead. “We advertise heavily on social media,” King said. “We don’t have a sales team. We don’t need one. SnapHouss sells itself, it is that good!”

Stronger branding means that franchise partners have the confidence of knowing that they always maintain a strong presence in the marketplace. “There’s a method to the madness, which is why we have success stories from all over the continent” King said. “Putting 100% trust into the process, systems, branding, and team enables business owners to truly breakthrough the noise and come out on top”

King will also tell you that the famous Five Pillars of Success from SnapHouss is what sets them apart from anyone in the marketplace. The pillars consist of pricing, quality, speed, operational efficiency, and technology. “They are all vetted, customized, and market-tested for optimal performance,” King said. Plus, SnapHouss corporate handles all of the online marketing for the franchise owners, so they can focus on growing their business.”

The team at Spadea Lignana is thrilled to guide you through your quickly growing journey, Kris! Here’s to many more years of exponential growth.

Visit the SnapHouss website to learn more about their franchising opportunity.

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