Local Industrial Designer Brings our Compliance Map to Life

Franchise Map on acrylic Spadea Lignana, a Philadelphia based franchise law firm, commissioned local industrial designer Ilias Storti to take their franchise compliance map and make it come alive.  Ilias laser cut colored acrylic to make each letter pop and to give each tile depth and shadow.

“This project has turned out better than expected.  What started as a brainstorming idea has become a piece of unique art that tells our story as a franchise law firm,” said Tom Spadea, a partner in the firm.

Philadelphia is home to a thriving art/design community and projects like this are a great way to bring professionals and designers together in a collaborative way.

Tom Spadea continued, “I am sure Ilias is going to go on to do great things as a designer.  We are so proud to be able to showcase this original work so early in his career.”

“It’s always a great experience working with local businesses in Philadelphia. I’m grateful to be able to contribute to Philadelphia’s design and art scene. I find great satisfaction in seeing businesses like Spadea Lignana continue to thrive through designs I create for them,” said Ilias. 

Spadea Lignana is a boutique franchise law firm helping business owners interested in franchising their business or individuals looking at acquiring a franchise.  They are located in downtown Philadelphia at 232 N 2nd Street and can be reached online at https://www.spadealaw.com/

Ilias Storti is currently a senior at Uarts in the Industrial Design program, where he has designed a variety of different products for class and clients in Philadelphia. He also works in the industrial design woodshop at Uarts and helps students with projects they are working on during the school year. For more information about what Ilias does or want to contact him to commission him for your industrial design/art needs, reach him by email or check out his Instagram.