Spadea Lignana Streamlines Franchise Sales With Compliance Software

Our new cloud-based software makes it easy for franchisors to keep track of franchising rules and regulations for each state.

The system enables franchise development professionals to send a link directly through email or their CRM system, taking candidates to a custom map with a simple red/green interface allowing the candidates to download the correct FDD approved in specific states.

Two Clients Share Their Thoughts

One of our clients, Bob Vearling, the VP of Franchise Development for Cherry Blow Dry Bar said, “This software makes our daily lives easier! It automates the franchise sales process, eliminates mistakes and administrative blunders, and our attorney automatically gets copies of FDD receipts.”

Lory Meyerson, President of Pinnacle Franchise Development, also likes the software. She said, “We’ve been working successfully with Spadea Lignana and their cutting-edge technology and have learned by experience how the new system takes pressure off the franchise salesperson. By ensuring everything in the franchise sales process is accurate, we avoid potential mishaps with issuing the FDD to clients and by using this system we know that the FDD delivered to candidates is always up-to-date.”

The video below provides an overview of how the software works:

You may have seen our press release which was featured in the Philadelphia Business Journal. Click here to read more about this new compliance system.