From Filthy to Fabulous: Rolling Suds Blasting Its Way to Success

commercial power wash from Rolling Suds The Rolling Suds brand personifies transformation. Turning years of dirt, grime, and mold into like-new surfaces has paved the way for Rolling Suds’ tremendous success.

Rolling Suds was founded over 30 years ago by Brian Wendling, Sr. The company has served more than 200,000 commercial and residential customers. In 2016, Brian Wendling Jr. Took on a leadership role, giving back to his parents and the brand that gave him a good life growing up.

The company’s success hinges on building an excellent reputation, hiring the best people, and using quality equipment to do the job. Rolling Suds provides the best power-washing experience in the industry.

What sets Rolling Suds apart from the competition is its product offering. The deep cleaning giants offer customers a proprietary service called The Professional Wash Method. It allows operators to be 2-3x faster than the competition and reach 5 stories high while standing on the ground. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment modified to perform more efficiently using a cleaner solution requiring fewer chemicals than anyone else. The service is hands-down better, and the results and returning customers speak for themselves.

In February 2023, Rolling Suds partnered with Aaron Harper, a franchise expert, to begin sharing their success with new owners. They created a franchise company and started selling territories. Their mission statement states: “This is a relationship.”

Rolling Suds is highly dedicated to its franchisees and their success, which has led to expanding operations in 7 states in only six months.

Rolling Suds franchises are successful because the business is recession-proof and does not require skilled labor. As a bonus, they have minimal competition to worry about.

Their franchise success is legendary, with 34 territories across six states plus the original location in just eight months. One of the ways they ensure their franchisees’ success is a 9-week power launch program that fully prepares each new owner for the structured in-person monthly training sessions. Rolling Suds also provides 6 months of commercial and residential lead generation support, SEO, website, call center, and reputation management services. Additionally, management offers Power Hour Calls with all new franchisees to discuss their progress and network together. Prue Lotharius, Director of Marketing, explains, “We’re all in this together – This is a relationship!”

The company’s future goals are to become the world’s largest power washing company by providing excellent client experience and quality, reliable service, as well as treating every job and franchisee like it’s a relationship.

Rolling Suds Locations

The brand operates in Texas, California, Nebraska, Pennsylvania (original location), Tennessee, and Virginia, New York – Coast to Coast!

Rolling Suds partnered with Spadea Lignana for expertise and guidance when it came time to franchise. They worked with Evan Harra, Attorney, and Casey Nicoletta, Paralegal. The Rolling Suds team mentioned that both were a pleasure to work with and highly responsive.

Aaron Harper commented, “Spadea was instrumental in my decision on how to structure the deal to franchise a small business. He and I developed a close relationship prior to the transaction, and we have grown even closer since. I could not be happier with the relationship we’ve established.”

Spadea Lignana specializes in franchise law and enjoys helping businesses expand through franchising. Their CORE Program, provides franchisors unlimited service for a flat fee, enabling their clients to budget their costs. Their CAP online portal (Client Access Portal) shares the client’s files in one place so that they can see the status of the documents, and it provides a link for disclosing prospects.

Tom Spadea said “We are so pleased to be a part of Rolling Suds’ ongoing success story.”

For more information about Rolling Suds franchise opportunity, visit their website.

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