Enjoy Stunning Views of the Future with the Grand Welcome Franchise

Grand Welcome logo Imagine a moment of travel that took your breath away. Maybe it was a first glance of the view from a terrace overlooking the ocean or a snow-covered slope so massive before you that you had to remove your goggles to believe it was real. These are moments that make you say, “Wow.”

Grand Welcome is in the wow business.

The gorgeous, short-term vacation rental properties listed in the Grand Welcome catalog will have you packing your bags, but it’s the Grand Welcome franchise model that will truly take you where you want to go.

This is a brand that has grown in excess of 100% in the last 12 months, with nearly 1500 properties available nationwide, including Hawaii, and more being added every day.

Brandon Ezra is Grand Welcome’s Founder and CEO. “We came into this year with 50 franchises,’ he said, “and expect to have 150 by year end.” That’s another “wow”.

That’s because the Grand Welcome franchise model is as well-put together as that stunning room with a view. It’s turnkey; it has been strategically designed with the franchisee in mind.

Any prospect can look at franchise models of every type, across multiple industries, and not find one that does what the Grand Welcome model does.

“We have taken away all of the complications franchise owners face,” Ezra said. “Without the complexities typical of a franchise business, the franchisees can concentrate on maintaining their properties and building their business.”

Grand Welcome is home to a large, talented, corporate team that exceeds 100 associates that specialize in those complexities so their franchisees do not have to. Franchisees can count on them for revenue management, marketing, backend support, reservations, technology, and optional customer service and optional property sales. Plus, the training is thorough, but Ezra says the best way for them to learn is to get them up and running as quickly as possible.

“We take a more realistic approach to training,” Ezra said. In addition to virtual training, new franchise owners will train in Palm Springs, hands on, for just under a week. “They do get a lot of support, guidance, and supplemental training, but the way they get the best experience is learning on the fly, running their business in their own communities.”

As much as the Grand Welcome brand is about creating home away from home experiences for their guests, they are equally committed to sharing the wealth with the communities who support them, their franchisees, and their property owners.

It’s one of Ezra’s favorite things about being a franchisor, creating a lot of success, in a lot of communities, for the franchisees. “We are driving wealth back to these communities, and for these families,” he said. “The success is for them, not corporate headquarters.”

That’s a philosophy the Spadea Lignana team can get behind.

“The group at Spadea Lignana has been great, especially as we scale the business,” Ezra said. “Everything is done well. They are fair and knowledgeable. Fifty locations later and they are still on top of it all.”

At Spadea Lignana, we are proud to make it easier for franchisors to manage the franchising side of their business with flat fee pricing and our CAP online portal. We continue to be wowed by Brandon and his team and look forward to helping them through their explosive growth throughout this year and beyond.

For more information about the Grand Welcome franchise opportunity, visit their website.

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