10 Spadea Lignana Attorneys Honored with 2021 Legal Eagle Award

We are excited to announce that 10 Spadea Lignana attorneys have been recognized by the Franchise Times as 2021 Legal Eagles!

Spadea Lignana 2021 Legal Eagles

We’d like to congratulate the following attorneys:

  • Andy Matson
  • Beth Mandel Rosenthal
  • Bonnie Wittenberg
  • Cameron McKinley
  • Harold L. Kestenbaum
  • Josh Lignana
  • Michael Mirsky
  • Stephanie Grobler
  • Tom Spadea
  • Will Jameson

To be eligible, attorneys nominate a client or peer that understands end-to-end franchisee and franchisor relationships and how to navigate them successfully in the legal world.

Here’s what Franchise Times had to say about their Legal Eagles:

It’s hard to find a concept that didn’t face major change in the last year, which can put incredible strain on a franchise system. These legal professionals play a key role in addressing that strain, and unlike the lawyer across town or your cousin who does divorce law, the Legal Eagles understand what is at stake for both the brand and the franchisee.

With a keen mind for both the legalese and business, they understand the gravitas of every legal battle, every transaction and every document. That engenders a spirit of collaboration and efficiency among this tight-knit group of legal professionals.

Congratulations again to our 2021 Legal Eagles! Check out last year’s Legal Eagle Award and the 2021 Legal Eagles Announcement.