Philadelphia Franchise Association October Lunch & Learn

Maggiano's Little Italy in Philadelphia was packed with 90 franchise professionals during October's Lunch & Learn event.

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The Best Way to Salvage a Failing Franchise Unit

Even the best franchise systems have weak spots. If your franchise is struggling because of a franchisee, you might benefit from some work out options.

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Compare and Contrast: FDDs and Franchise Agreements

Many prospective franchisees, and--quite frankly--many franchisors, are confused as to the difference between the FDD and the Franchise Agreement. 

The FDD is simply a picture in time and a representation of certain information, financial and otherwise, on the business opportunity a franchisee is purchasing.  The terms will mirror and track many of the items in the Franchise Agreement. However, once the Franchise Agreement is signed the Franchise Agreement, not the FDD, controls. 

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Legal Requirements To Franchise A Business

Once you have a successful business concept that is potentially scalable through franchising, your first step is to be sure your intellectual property rights are secure. The best way to do that is with a federally registered, or at least applied for, trademark(s) with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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What Are Common Area Maintenance Charges In A Commercial Lease?

Most commercial retail leases are triple net leases. The “triple” stands for (i) taxes (ii) insurance and (iii) maintenance.

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