“What Should Franchises Look for in a Law Firm?”: Spadea Lignana Featured in Entrepreneur

As a franchisee or franchisor, acquiring good representation matters. But how can you determine which law firm is right for you?

Vice President of Franchise Development at Saladworks, Eric Lavinder, was recently featured in the legal advice section of Entrepreneur. In the article titled, “What Should Franchises Look for in a Law Firm,” Lavinder lays out why Spadea Lignana has the foundation necessary to support the 96-store Philadelphia-based franchise system.

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Build a Relationship You Can Trust

Tom & Eric

Tom Spadea & Eric Lavinder

Philadelphia-based fast-casual chain Saladworks has 96 stores serving up more than 100 million salad combo options. Five years ago, it partnered with local law firm Spadea Lignana because its attorneys promised…

1) Firsthand experience 

One of Spadea Lignana’s founders and partners worked in franchise sales before pivoting to law. “Things in franchising are not always cut-and-dried, so it helps to have somebody who really knows the challenges,” Lavinder says.

2) Tech savvy 

“Time kills deals, so speed is a necessity,” Lavinder says. That’s why Spadea Lignana integrates with Saladworks’ CRM. The firm can update franchisee applications, nondisclosure agreements, and FDDs in real time, giving franchisees (and potential franchisees) improved access and communication.

3) Accountability 

Lavinder says Spadea Lignana helps him stay honest and organized. “I move so fast that I can make a mistake, and they keep me from making that mistake,” he says.

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Five years ago, we partnered with the fast-casual chain and have continued to deliver on our promise to deliver first-hand experience, tech savvy systems and accountability.

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