Tom Spadea Featured on The Advisory Board Podcast

Tom Spadea was recently featured on The Advisory Board podcast with Dave Hansen of ClientTether in an episode titled “Franchisors Planning for The Big Exit.”

Episode Description:

On this week’s episode of Advisory Board: Season 3 with Dave Hansen, we have invited Tom Spadea to provide us with his insight on how franchisors should prepare for the big exit. We also dig into other aspects of franchising that growing, emerging, or even established brand executives can use to prepare for an infusion of capital or a solid exit.

Tom Spadea has an incredible background. He is a CFE & franchise development professional turned lawyer and Co-Founder of Entrepreneur Magazine’s #1 Franchise Law Firm. Today they represent over 300 brands ranging from emerging concepts to nationally recognized brands.

Key Takeaways :

  • Franchising is a long-term endeavor.
  • Sales and development are a reward for a well-run system.
  • As a Franchisor, the longer you wait, the more valuable you are.

Watch the full episode:

or listen to the episode on Spreaker.