Tom Attends JCON 2018 in Malvern, PA

JCON Speakers

Top (left to right): Robbie Rossetti from Markquest, the JDog mascot, and Chris Debbas from Julip Run Capital. Bottom (left to right): Tom Spadea and Alex Archawski from Sales Evolution

Tom Spadea attended JCON, the first JDog franchisee convention in Malvern, PA as an invited speaker to the JDog community on the nature of franchising and the importance of protecting and growing the brand.

JDog continues to perfect the mission of helping veterans own their own businesses, and to be a part of a community bigger than themselves. Spadea Lignana has been JDog‘s franchise law firm since the beginning and is proud to be a part of something so special.

Inspiring Speeches From Veterans

Jerry and Tracy Flanagan are passionate franchisors who understand the true nature of franchising as a business built on relationships and integrity. The energy in the room was contagious with an unbelievable line up of keynote speakers, including Vietnam War POW Ralph Galati and Iraq War Veteran Justin Constantine. Both men told their incredible story of struggle, endurance and overcoming impossible odds in the face of adversity.

Justin Constantine: Justin retired from the Marine Corps with a Lieutenant Colonel rank. Today, he is an advocate for veterans and an inspirational speaker.

Ralph Galati: Ralph was a USAF officer for 8 years. He served as a Curriculum Developer, Flight Instructor, and at the Pentagon with the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Legislative Liaison. Learn more about Ralph.