The Franchise Happy Dance

Talk to Sarah Nuse for only five minutes and you will hear and feel her passion for her company, her staff, the dancing families in her community, and her franchisees. Sarah is the founder and CEO of Tippi Toes Dance Company, a thoughtfully designed franchise concept that has recently taken a giant leap, ten years into their franchise journey.

Spadea Lignana has thoroughly enjoyed the work we have done and will continue to do with Sarah and her team whenever they need us. Tippi Toes has rebranded their logo and gone through a major refresh with their franchise program. All the hard work has paid off! Sarah has just welcomed their thirty-seventh franchise owner, (the first with their new program), Catie Delahanty in Broward, Florida.

“Catie is sharp,” says Sarah. “I could tell after talking to her that she had drive, and the more we spoke and got to know her it was evident that she believed in our mission. She has passion to impact her community and grow a thriving business.” One of Sarah’s hidden talents is her impeccable eye to spot leadership qualities in others. That is her favorite part of being a franchisor, watching franchisees learn and grow into great leaders in their communities.

The new franchise program allows Sarah to lead the franchise aspect of her business from a new vantage point. By solidifying her franchise system, she works more on her business, and less in it. This subtle shift opens Tippi Toes up for exponential growth in the franchise space across the U.S.

We couldn’t be more excited for Sarah. Franchise attorney Andy Matson and his paralegal Christine McGowan are dancing right alongside Sarah and Catie as they position their brand for the future. Congratulations to Tippi Toes on their deal with Catie, and the further expansion of a fantastic brand run by fantastic people!

It’s important for franchise concepts to adapt as they grow, and Spadea Lignana is proud to work with clients as their franchise journey matures and adapts to meet the market.