Mosquito Mike and New Orlando Franchisee Have Been Bitten by the Franchising Bug

Mosquito Mike TruckAs the owner of a seasonal tax business, Mike Reynolds was looking for something to do in the off-season, something seasonal he could start up after tax season. He had it all planned out. He would run his tax business from January to April, start a different company to fill his calendar from April through October, and then enjoy a couple of months off before starting all over again. It was a good plan, or so he thought.

To accomplish this goal, Mike founded Mosquito Mike, a company that specializes in mosquito and tick control for residential and commercial properties. It was the perfect seasonal solution to fit into his plan. What he didn’t expect was the quick popularity of the brand. Mosquito Mike was no typical “mosquito model.”

Mosquito Mike is the only e-commerce-based mosquito and tick control brand on the market. Customers can customize the treatment they want, right down the to size of their yard, completely online. They can choose from chemical or organic treatments, schedule and pay for services, all before they speak to a single person. It’s an extremely user-friendly model.

Today, you can find Mosquito Mike franchise locations in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida, and Utah, and they just keep popping up. Reynolds says opening new locations is more about the people than the place.

“It doesn’t matter where we open next, it’s finding the right franchisees that is important.” Franchisors and franchisees legally bind themselves to each other for years at a time. Once the franchise agreement is in place, there’s no easy way to turn back. “Are they someone I can sit down and have a beer with?” Reynolds said. “And it depends on their goals, where they see themselves going with the brand.”

The more ambitious the better. Reynolds says his franchisees are more than just a guy in a truck. “I’m looking for people who want to grow the business, who want to create their own Mosquito Mike empires.”

Mosquito Mike New Orleans

Sarah Pickens and her son

One such person more than met the mark. Claire Pickens just opened her Mosquito Mike franchise in Orlando, Florida. “It’s just the coolest story,” Reynolds said. “She is going to run the business together with her sons, as a family business.”

Pickens is no stranger to business ownership. She is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur with experience starting, growing, and selling her own business in the past. She has since spent time in corporate America and was just waiting for the right opportunity to re-enter business ownership. She explored several concepts in multiple industries before coming across Mosquito Mike.

“Nearly my whole adult professional life has been in veterinary medical operations, which means I have learned a lot about fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes along the way,” Pickens said. “I’m quite passionate about continuing to protect pets, and this franchise allows me to add the bonus of protecting people too.”

Pickens includes three of her sons in the business to share in operations. “I can’t even begin to express how special it is to have an opportunity to include them on this journey.”

This is what it’s all about for Reynolds, helping others create something for themselves, via the Mosquito Mike brand.

“It takes a lot of work, and can be nerve-wracking in the beginning,” he said, having gone through the first year of business himself. “But it’s a GREAT business once you’re there, baby!”

He listens to his franchisees, honors their feedback to continuously improve the model, and loves seeing the success across his network.

The continued growth of his business has been well-handled by the Spadea Lignana legal team. “I love their flat-fee model, and Tom has a unique perspective on things,” Reynolds said. “Compared to some other franchises, we’re a smaller brand. They’ve never made us feel that way, never made us feel small. Everything has been great.”

As a franchisor, Reynolds is no longer someone who works seasonally. He continues to build his network of franchise owners nationwide. He is currently looking for people in cities like Nashville, Charlotte, Tampa, and Philadelphia, but is open to anywhere the right person wants to set up shop.

The team at Spadea Lignana couldn’t be more thrilled for Reynolds and the Mosquito Mike franchise owners. They look forward to many more years working together – year-round!

If you would like to learn more about franchise ownership with Mosquito Mike, learn more here: https://mymosquitomike.com/

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