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Ideal Siding Team After church one day, while talking with a friend, Ideal Siding’s CEO Alex Filipuk had an epiphany. He asked his friend how things were going, and the friend confided that his salary had just been cut in half overnight, and it would be challenging to make ends meet. He was a siding installer, and his boss said it was tough to get clients, and the economy was making it hard to survive, hence the pay cut.

Since Alex had a background in Computer Science, Finance, IT, and Digital Marketing, he knew he could help his friend get clients directly. His friend was skeptical but excited about the prospect of success.

Alex started building a robust customer base, developing a brand, and advertising. His company grew so fast that they were able to supply leads to five siding companies! They quickly became the largest company in Vancouver and had clients across Canada and the U.S. Within a short time, they became the most extensive lead generation company in the siding industry. Alex maintained his company for close to ten years.

During that time, he watched other companies decline or grow and spoke with industry leaders to understand why. The information he collected helped him come up with a detailed business model and develop a concept that would work well in the siding market.

He began testing his model in 2018 with one location. During the first year, that company went from zero to 1.2 million with over $400,000 in profit. That proved that his concept was working.

He opened another location in Toronto (a thriving market) and then Calgary (a very depressed market) to further test it. They were successful in all markets, so they began franchising in 2020.

His company has opened 40 new locations since then. The company’s success is based on a marketing-first franchise model. Because they know more than anyone else how to market siding, they are hugely successful. They have locations coast-to-coast in Canada and 20 in the U.S. They have positioned themselves in large markets like Seattle, Boston, San Antonio, TX, and Atlanta.

They do not sell their leads to anyone but their franchisees. Each location grows very rapidly because of these leads. They have a team of senior marketing specialists using proprietary software to generate steady growth.

One of the things that makes Ideal Siding so good is the robust marketing approach that helps them and their franchisees. Alex’s financial background has allowed him to develop a business model that is unique, flexible, and scalable.

Franchisees don’t need any employees, equipment, or special vehicles. The initial investment is very low so that they can price-match any competition in the market.

The franchise opportunity offers stable, predictable results. They may not provide the lowest price, but they are competitive and offer great value to their customers.

Ideal Siding Team in Denver

Ideal Siding Team in Denver

One of the more interesting features is that they have in-house designers who can jump on a Zoom call with customers to discuss styles, colors, and materials. They also take photos of the house and mockup a final look so the homeowner knows exactly what they are getting, and they don’t have to return costly materials.

Idea Siding also offers an unheard-of 25-year warranty. They use only professional installers and high-quality materials to last. Customers also get to enjoy excellent customer service directly from the parent company.

Ideal Siding looks for highly educated business professionals to invest in their franchise. People with previous business experience and someone who wants to build a large enterprise are perfect. Most investors come looking for multiple locations.

Veteran franchisees help to train new owners. Looking ahead to the future, Alex said they are “exercising responsible growth and hope to have 300 locations long-term.”

Alex gave a shout-out to paralegal Meisee, whom he worked closely with, and his attorney, Stephanie Grobler, who helped him get started.

Alex met Tom and Josh on a business retreat, and they quickly became his mentors. He said, “Josh and Tom are businesspeople first and lawyers second.” They offered him very beneficial strategic guidance and long-term planning of the company without any agenda. Alex commented that they have “Very in-depth knowledge about the industry and not only helped with the legal side of things but also business know-how.”

“The team is amazing, and it’s like having my own in-house legal team. Everyone is very responsive, friendly, and organized. They are changing what people expect from lawyers,” Alex said.

Spadea Lignana offers its clients a unique franchisor services program for a flat monthly fee through its Core Program. Clients utilize the Client Access Portal (CAP) to review disclosure documents and connect with their legal professionals to ensure transparency and consistency.

Tom Spadea said, “We are impressed with Ideal Siding’s tremendous growth and have enjoyed partnering with them on their road to franchising success.”

For more information about Idea Siding’s unique franchise opportunity, visit their website.

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