Harold Kestenbaum Interviewed for Shoutout LA

Shoutout LA interviewed and featured Harold L. Kestenbaum in their recent article titled “Thinking Through the First Steps of Starting a Business.”

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Hi Harold, can you walk us through the thought process of starting your business?

In 1981, I was working for a small firm and had spent four years at this firm learning about franchise law. So in 1981 I made the decision that I knew more about franchise law than my boss and I knew he would never make me a partner, so I decided to leave and go out on my own. It was the best decision that I had ever made in my business life.

What should our readers know about your business?

I guess my story is one of perseverance and dedication. It was not easy starting from scratch with no book of business. Over the next 39 years, I have established one of the most successful franchise law practices in the country. I have been the CEO of a franchise company, I was on the Board of Directors of Sbarro for 23 years, I was a partner in a very large law firm, I am now a partner in a boutique franchise firm, Spadea Lignana, and spend the bulk of my time bringing in new business for the firm. Oh, I also wrote a book called, So You Want to Franchise Your Business. I learned that you never give up and that you “run out every grounder”. That has been my philosophy over the years, plus, always putting the clients first. Service, service, service, that is how I have conducted my practice for all of these years.