Harold Kestenbaum Featured in Forbes Article, “How To Franchise Your Restaurant For National Expansion”

Harold Kestenbaum was featured in a recent Forbes article, “How To Franchise Your Restaurant For National Expansion. The article, written by Gary Occhiogrosso, talks through the steps of taking a thriving restaurant and extending its reach through franchising.

Here’s an excerpt of Harold’s feature:

Harold Kestenbaum, a franchise attorney at Spadea Law is focused on franchise law and other matters relating to franchising since 1977. He offered his insights on the topic: “I have represented franchisors for over 46 years and I have seen it all. But over those years, the most successful franchisors have done it right. First, they are well capitalized. This is important because it gives them the luxury of accepting the right franchisee and not any prospect who can simply write a check, whether they are qualified or not. Second, they can select qualified franchisees who they have properly vetted and who they truly believe can be successful. Lastly, new franchisors need to have patience. Thinking they can sell hundreds of franchises in the first or second year, are basically dreaming. They need to be realistic and understand that it is quality not quantity that matters in franchising.”

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