Créatif Signs on First Franchise Unit

There is an Art to What We Do in Franchising

Just ask our client Jaya Aiyar, Founder and CEO of Créatif in Pleasanton, CA. Créatif is an art studio franchise that blends proprietary technology with family-friendly art experiences like classes, parties, camps and more.

Spadea Lignana began working with the Créatif team as their franchise attorneys in 2020, and is so excited to celebrate with them as they award their first franchise unit to new franchisee, TJ Blamire, in Tega Cay, SC.

“I am really enjoying the process of working with TJ and his family, helping them learn and get ready to open their own studio,” said Aiyar. There have been hundreds of candidates who recognize the potential of the Créatif brand, but Aiyar said the Blamires are a great match because their motivation is in the right place. “They understand the reason why we, and now they, are in business. It’s all about the family experience.” At a time when art studios are leaning toward adult, cocktail-paired art experiences, Créatif was created as a family-friendly space with unlimited potential for everyone.

Aiyar is excited to see the new location open its doors and come alive. “The goal is to continue to optimize the franchise program and share it with more people,” Aiyar said. “I’m really loving the process.”

We love the process too, and their lead attorney Stephanie Grobler is ready to help Jaya take her brand to the next level. Congratulations to the entire Créatif team, and thanks for being our client!

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