Lease Negotiation

Before you sign a commercial lease, you need an experienced real estate attorney to negotiate the very important but often overlooked fine print. We have negotiated hundreds of leases nationwide for franchised and independent businesses.

We are an approved/recommended vendor for many national brands. We have negotiated hundreds of leases for dozens of systems for franchisees over the years. Read more

A letter of intent (LOI) is a formalized (and typically non-binding) offer used by a potential buyer of a business or a potential commercial real estate tenant to lay out the business points of a potential deal between two parties. These are really agreements to agree, and either party can usually... Read more

Leases, like all legal documents, should be reviewed by an experienced attorney. We have been negotiating restaurant leases on behalf of clients for decades. Your real estate broker and the landlord have an interest in getting the lease signed with a good term and fair rent, but the fine print is... Read more

We have been negotiating shopping mall leases on behalf of business owners for decades. The fine print in your lease is ultimately your responsibility as the business owner. Don’t sign anything you don’t fully understand and really accept. You will most likely be asked to personally guarantee for a... Read more