Buying or Selling a Business

If you have a business to sell or have found a business to buy, we would love to be on your professional team. We have closed deals from mainstreet retail operations to multi-million dollar international deals.

If you have made the decision that now is the time to exit a franchise, you need to accomplish three critical things before placing your business on the market. If you are interested in buying an existing franchise, it’s also important to understand these three factors because it can affect how you... Read more

Owners of restaurants are consistently faced with challenges and obstacles in running their business. When deciding to buy or sale the restaurant, oftentimes, there are many legal issues that tend to surface in the weeks leading up to and after the sale of a restaurant. These legal issues can rival... Read more

If you are an entrepreneur looking to raise capital by selling shares of your company to an individual that won’t be an active partner in your business, you have to be sure you are compliant with federal and state securities laws. If you are selling a portion of your company to an investor, you are... Read more

A letter of intent (LOI) is a formalized (and typically non-binding) offer used by a potential buyer of a business or a potential commercial real estate tenant to lay out the business points of a potential deal between two parties. These are really agreements to agree, and either party can usually... Read more

Most small business owners are optimists or they would never have the courage and fortitude to build a business in the first place. Once they embark on that journey, they typically forge ahead through adversity, setbacks, ambiguity and stress. The last thing they want to think about is what latent... Read more

Franchise systems are natural acquisition targets for private equity. Steady, contract-based long term cash flow plus limited physical assets and a limited number of skilled employees make it a natural fit for many private equity charters. In addition, mid-sized franchisors that have managed to... Read more

For someone interested in buying an existing business, it can be a long road to closing. Aside from learning how the business operates and creating your own business plan, there are many legal considerations that must be addressed before you simply close the deal and step into running a business.... Read more

Selling a business that has been built up over the years can be one of the biggest transactions a business owner will ever do. Most business owners will only do this once in their career as they seek to retire and harvest the business they have grown. This can be a nerve-racking experience for an... Read more

An asset purchase agreement is the most important document in a sales transaction for a business, whether you are the buyer or the seller.    The agreement is a legal contract made between the two parties that set the terms and conditions related to the purchase and sale of any assets of a busine Read more

The first step in most entrepreneurial endeavors is forming a new entity to protect the personal interests of the owners. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding to form a new entity, such as: Read more

If you are thinking of selling your business to your key manager or perhaps a family member without sufficient resources to consummate an all cash transaction, you should keep the below elements in mind in the deal structure. Read more