Without employment policies your company may be exposed to significant legal liability for the actions of your employees. Stated policies in an employee handbook regarding drug use and drug testing, e-mail and Internet use, sick days and leave, employee disciplinary procedures, and harassment in the workplace, provide protection for a company.

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Reducing Your Liability — Why Employee Handbooks and Policies Matter

An employee handbook accomplishes two things: it communicates to employees the expectations of the company and it provides a basis for the company to take action against the employee for violations of company expectations and policies. Both of these outcomes offer protection to the company should employee behavior become a legal liability.

When a company fails to define illegal or prohibited behavior, it puts itself at risk for employment litigation should a problem arise. If the company does not have a sexual harassment policy, for example, the company may be exposed to liability for any claim of sexual harassment. This liability might be prevented if there is a policy in place which is followed.

A comprehensive employee handbook will include information regarding both the conditions of employment and expectations of employee behavior. Conditions of employment may include payroll and benefit information, employee vacation, sick leave and personal leave policies, policies on drug and alcohol use in the workplace and drug testing policies and procedures.

An employee code of conduct may describe the company’s expectation regarding the use of company property (computers, cars, equipment) and allowable use of computers, the Internet and email. The employee handbook will also spell out the company’s commitment to meeting its obligations under state and federal law as an equal opportunity employer, banning harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Reviewing Important Employee Materials Can Protect Your Company

Our business law firm can draft detailed, thorough employee handbooks and employment policies to protect your business and your employees. We also review existing employee handbooks, often as part of an overall legal audit as we help our clients identify and minimize risks to their business.

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