SUPPLY POINTe: The One-Stop-Shop for Everything Logistics Franchise

Shipping Pallets Matt Cahill began his distinguished career with a well-known freight company, where he learned everything about creative logistics and sales. He managed global and local accounts and got a strong taste of what his customers wanted and needed. Realizing a gap in the industry, Matt decided to start his own company selling pallets, lumber, bulk bags, and other logistics supplies. He later added additional services, including trucking, freight forwarding, pallet, and packaging supplies, to offer his customers everything logistics-related from A to Z.

Matt credits his customers with the design of his business model. They taught him what they needed and wanted and shaped how he operated the business. He drew on their expertise, and his company grew and became more successful as the years passed.

Matt founded SUPPLY POINTe in Cincinnati, Ohio, over 22 years ago and began a success story without end. Eleven years ago, his son Adam joined the family business by duplicating his father’s business model and established another firm in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Seeing how successful and easily duplicatable the business model was, the father and son team decided to start franchising and opened their first new location in 2018. They sold a couple more and then pushed the pause button to evaluate their growth strategy. Controlled growth is critical. They sold a few more franchises, and the business grew even more during the pandemic. They supplied customers with what they needed to continue moving forward during shutdowns and quarantines and became an essential supplier themselves.

The company now has two corporate offices (Matt and Adam’s locations), seven franchises, and two more on the way. They currently operate in Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, Indiana, Tennessee, and South Carolina. They plan to have offices nationwide eventually.

Matt admits that his son is doing most of the heavy lifting these days with the headquarters in North Carolina. Adam oversees accounting and operations for the entire enterprise. At the same time, Matt stays involved by running his location in Ohio and collaborating with Adam.

What makes SUPPLY POINTe exceptional is its strong network of suppliers with whom they work. Whenever possible, the company uses local vendors but also employs national firms. No one else does what they do. It’s a one-stop shop for everything logistics, all under one roof. Matt Cahill put it best when he said, “SUPPLY POINTe’s customers want to partner with someone who can supply them with everything all in one place.” The company prides itself on reliability, transparent communication, and catering to its client’s needs. It’s a unique business-to-business franchise, and new owners love the business model and the programs offering unlimited potential for growth and success.

Supply Pointe Team SUPPLY POINTe’s ideal franchisee is a person with strong integrity who treats people how they want to be treated. They must love working with people, be hard-working, have good communication skills, and be a team player. A sales background is a big plus.

When SUPPLY POINTe decided to franchise, the company turned to respected industry leader Spadea Lignana. Matt began working with Tom and Josh directly and has since worked closely with Andy Matson and Christine McGowen, who Matt says are both “great to work with and hard workers.”

Matt said, “Spadea Lignana helped us navigate into an industry that we were totally unfamiliar with, and they kept us on the right track.” One of the most helpful things about Spadea Lignana Matt continued, “Was that they advised us against going down the wrong path where we could have gotten into trouble, or we weren’t ready yet to encounter some of those things.”

“Spadea Lignana intuitively understood where we were and guided us accordingly,” Matt commented.

As the company grows, Spadea Lignana continues to be an impactful partner, helping SUPPLY POINTe to create the infrastructure it needs to evolve and meet future demands. Matt Cahill credits Spadea Lignana with knowing the franchise industry very well and allowing them to have the success they now enjoy.

Spadea Lignana offers its clients a unique program that includes all its franchisor services for one flat monthly fee. Their Core Program and their Client Access Portal (CAP) provide clients with their unique disclosure system and transparent communications, helping companies wherever they are able to offer franchises.

Founder and Partner Tom Spadea said he is thrilled to be a part of Matt and Adam’s continued success.

To learn more about SUPPY POINTe’s exciting B2B franchise opportunity, visit their website.

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