Congrats to Fitness Machine Technicians for Signing Their 25th Franchise

Tom Spadea and Don Powers

Tom Spadea and Don Powers

During the past year Fitness Machine Technicians has grown exponentially—so much so that they have recently reached the exciting milestone of signing their 25th franchise! We are happy to see our client’s business is growing and thriving and are proud to see how far they’ve come.

When Spadea Lignana first started working with the Fitness Machine Technicians franchise, the exercise repair service was a locally based business in Malvern, PA. Owner and founder Don Powers launched the business back in 2002 and had success serving the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware markets. However, he knew he wanted to expand his service and have a clear profile for the franchise. When Don started working with Tom Spadea, his transition from thinking like a small business owner to operating more like a franchisor began.

The exercise equipment repair industry was, and in many parts of the country still is, full of mom-and-pop repair shops that work on many types of appliances, not just exercise equipment. Don saw the opportunity to specialize in fitness equipment, and after teaming up with Tom, he was able to take his business model and successfully introduce it to aspiring entrepreneurs across the country.

The key was targeting potential franchisees that had more of a business background, than those that had experience as fitness equipment technicians but were not as marketing and sales savvy. Once the switch was made and Spadea updated their contracts to better attract ideal candidates, the rest was history.

Now Fitness Machine Technicians has 25 franchises nationwide and plans to reach the West Coast!