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Avery Korman

Avery Korman Attorney at Spadea Lignana
Phone: 215.525.1165 x149


  • J.D. Elon University School of Law, Greensboro, NC; Oak’s Scholar; President of Business Law Association
  • B.S. University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA; Business Administration and Management

Avery Korman


Before joining Spadea Lignana, Avery Korman spent time on Capitol Hill doing legal writing and legislative work focused on helping small businesses. She then made the move to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where she worked for a regional accounting firm and for a business legal compliance company helping small family farms and businesses with tax, compliance and regulatory issues. Her experience in legal compliance as an Associate In-House Counsel for an accounting firm expanded her depth in understanding founders of businesses and what issues they run into as they grow.


Avery’s experience on The Hill required her to be succinct yet thorough when it came to researching and drafting briefings related to business, tax, healthcare and defense. Her legal writing skills came in handy as she transitioned into the world of business compliance and tax law. Through it all, Avery has always been passionate about understanding the businesses she works with, whether that’s a large corporation or a small non-profit.


Avery wants to get to know you! She’s an extrovert who enjoys asking questions and listening to her clients. Understanding businesses and the people behind them is important to her. She never wants clients to just be an email address, as Avery looks forward to developing relationships with each and every one of her clients so she can better assist them in achieving what for many is a lifelong goal of building a national franchise system.

Avery is a DC-native who recently moved to Philadelphia with her husband, so you may find her out exploring the city or racking up some strikes in the bowling alley. She may have a great book recommendation for you too!

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