Franchising — as a franchisor or a franchisee — can be one of the most efficient and effective ways to build a business, but it is not without risk.  Our franchise lawyers have years of experience in all aspects of franchise law, representing franchisees and franchisors in all markets nationwide.

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Commercial Leases

Discovering the location for your business is one of the most exciting steps in establishing your new business, but you should not sign a lease before having an experienced commercial leasing attorney review and negotiate a lease agreement that could save you money today and for years to come.

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Business Law

Every business needs legal advice and Spadea, Lanard & Lignana provides small and medium-sized companies all the services of a staff attorney without the overhead expense.  We work with every type of business, from sole proprietors to publicly traded corporations and can help with all aspects of starting and running a company. 

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At Spadea, Lanard & Lignana, we are in the business of helping businesses organize, grow, and thrive. For more than two decades, our attorneys have helped clients throughout Pennsylvania and the nation make their business dreams a reality, including those seeking franchise opportunities.

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We custom-tailor effective legal solutions for small and medium-sized businesses of all types. We provide the legal underpinnings essential to business success. Contact our business attorneys if you are:

Deal Makers, Not Deal Breakers

The description of a successful corporate counsel could be paraphrased: "Don't tell me why it won't work. Find a way to make it happen." We take that approach when we are helping our clients. We provide all the services of an in-house corporate counsel without the overhead.

Business Spoken Here

If you have dealt with attorneys before, you may be surprised to find that we speak your language, not legalese, and we understand business. We not only translate legal concepts into plain English, we will explain exactly what they mean to your business and your bottom line. Then we take action on your behalf, deftly navigating the murky waters of the law until we reach the best possible outcome to your legal situation. You will find our team of uniquely qualified, skilled attorneys listen, understand, and are responsive to all your legal needs.

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Many times franchisee consultants or brokers are concerned to recommend that their candidates have an attorney review of the franchise documents. I would strongly recommend otherwise. An attorney review not only is critical to a prospective franchisee, but it is also very important to protect the consultant or broker. 

By recommending that a candidate have the franchise documents reviewed by an experienced franchisee attorney like me or my firm, a franchise consultant or broker is protecting him or herself from potential liability if the franchise he or she recommended is not successful or otherwise does not work out for the franchisee. By just sending an introductory email introducing me to the candidate, the franchisee consultant or broker has avoided being the last person to "touch" the franchise that the candidate or prospective franchisee considers. This means that a disgruntled franchisee will not blame the consultant or broker, or if he or she does, then the consultant or broker can always say that he/she recommended that the candidate retain an attorney. Read more »

Tips on Buying an Existing Franchise

Buying an existing franchise has some key advantages over buying an existing main street business.  Like all business decisions, the short term and long term goals of the purchaser should determine the right fit for a business to buy.  If the buyer’s goal is lifestyle, control (compared to a job) and predictable cash flow than a franchise has some distinct advantages.  However, there are also some hidden cost and considerations that are unique to franchise transfers. Read more »

Radio Interview Given By Nancy Lanard On What To Look for in a Franchise Disclosure Document

Nancy Lanard was selected to be interviewed on the Blog Talk Radio program "Franchise Focus" by Rick Bisio on the topic of what someone should look for in a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).  Nancy Lanard's interview (given in two parts) covered such topics as what is the Franchise Disclosure Document, why is it important to review it, what does each of the items to the Franchise Disclosure Document cover and each of their importance.  Nancy Lanard's radio interviews shed important light on each item of the Franchise Disclosure Document/FDD and are a must listen for any prospective franchisee. Read more »

Pennsylvania HB 1620, the "Responsible Franchise Practices Bill"

Pennsylvania HB 1620, known as the “Responsible Franchise Practices Bill”, attempts to bring a balance to the franchisor/franchisee relationship for Pennsylvania franchisees. Pennsylvania, a state that currently does not have a franchise law, has a proposed bill that will have a tremendous impact on the franchise community. The bill attempts to make franchise agreements more equitable and fair.

The stated purpose of the bill is to guaranty fairness in the franchisee/franchisor relationship and eliminate "arbitrariness, coercion, and duress."  The bill poses limitations on a franchisor’s rights to terminate a franchise agreement and the reasons a franchisor may terminate the agreement.  The proposed legislation also poses limitations on a franchisor's right not to renew a franchise agreement. Additionally the bill restricts a franchisor's ability to contractually limit a franchisee’s rights to transfer the franchise, among others. Read more »

Key Takeaways from the Nov 13th PFA Meeting on Recruiting, Hiring & Reducing Turnover of Key Employees

Last month the Philadelphia Franchise Association (PFA) had a terrific meeting at Maggiano's in downtown Philadelphia.  I want to again thank our terrific panelist, Tom Monaghan, Steve Beagelman and Mr. Ade Lawal.  Each brought excellent stories and practical advice on how to recruit, hire and train key employees.

I believe the most insightful part of the presentation was the insistence by all the panelist that the hiring process must be exactly that, a process.  If a company can define what steps it needs to take and then follow those steps they will have a much better chance at being successful than those companies that wing it each time they have a need for a new team member.

Having a defined process will enable companies to refine and improve that process over time.  Key elements to a good process that we discussed were:

- Written and consistent interview questions

- Simple outside and objective tests such as background, IQ, personality test, etc. (I was intrigued to learn that some really helpful tests can be done for very little money) Read more »

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