What Can Franchisors and Franchisees Do To Improve The Economy?

As the economy struggles to recover from the deep recession of a few years ago, more and more emphasis by the media is being put on ways to buy American products. Just look at the scandal that was caused by the US Olympic Team wearing Ralph Lauren clothes that were made in China when our economy is still suffering and people are still unemployed. ABC News with Diane Sawyer has a segment called “Made in America” which discusses products and manufacturers that we can support by buying their American products and helping the economy. Our collective consciences are becoming more and more aware of our need as consumers to buy American products to improve the economy and put Americans back to work. But what are franchisors doing to buy American products, help the economy  and encourage their franchisees to buy American products and select vendors who sell American made products?

I think our economy and our country will thrive again when we can return manufacturing to the U.S.. To do this citizens and businesses need to be willing to pay a little bit more for products and ensure that they are made in America.  Franchisors and franchisees can make a huge difference in the U.S. economy by requiring that every product sold is made in America. Think of the difference that this could make to the economy if every sheet, towel, soap, sink, bed, etc., in a hotel chain was required by the franchisor to be made in America, or if every fast food or frozen yogurt franchisee only ordered tables, chairs, ovens, sinks, refrigerators, etc. manufactured in America, or if every product sold or used at a hair salon was made in America. This could make a substantial impact on the American economy.

Both franchisors and franchisees have the power to make a difference to the strength of the American economy and to put Americans back to work by requiring that their products and equipment all be made in America.

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