When negotiations break down and you find yourself in arbitration or litigation in either federal or state court, you need an experienced law firm at your side. These conflicts are typically not isolated as we live in an interconnected world. How we defend your rights today can have a dramatic future impact on your business. Not only do we fight to win your immediate battle, we also focus strategically to help you win the larger war.

If you own a business you understand that there is a complicated web of relationships between you and the myriad of relationships you have related to the business. When these relationships run amuck, you may face legal issues, and you will need an experienced attorney in your corner. Read more

Independent franchise associations change how franchisees and franchisors interact with each other – sometimes in a very substantial way. From the franchisor’s perspective, there are many factors that come into play when deciding how to react to an organizing franchisee association. Read more

In a perfect world, franchisors and franchisees work together to maximize brand awareness for their mutual benefit, and everybody makes money. In reality, the close contractual relationship between the franchisor and its franchisees can give rise to serious disputes. We believe good lawyering... Read more

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Fiduciary Litigation arises in the context of a dispute among beneficiaries and a fiduciary – a trustee, executor or agent – over the acts and decisions of the fiduciary. Read more

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