Preparing to Meet With Your Business Law Attorney

What type of information should you provide to your business attorney when you first meet with her? This post discusses a list of suggested items.

What information should you provide to your business law attorney in anticipation of meeting with her? The more information and background you provide to your attorney, the better prepared and able to assist your business and its specific business needs.  Some of the items you may want to share are:

  • Business Information
    • Business Plan
    • Entity/organization information – registration, etc.
    • Licenses and permits
    • Marketing plans
  • Financial Information
    • Tax returns for the last few years
    • List of debts and assets of the business
  • Property Information
    • Leases for property and equipment
    • Deeds/titles
    • Insurance
  • Loan Documents
  • Contracts/Agreements
    • Contracts with your suppliers/vendors
    • Contracts with your customers
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